You have:

  • Vision, passion, insight
  • Operating data
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Teams for product, sales, operations
  • Full-time day jobs with customers, investors and talent

Our Services, Team, and Platform Enable You to:

Dedicated Research

Attach research directly to the key drivers in an Interactive Strategic Model

Key Drivers

Model scenarios for actual cash flows and how multiple may change

Results N Expectations

Produce odds of upside and downside to returns based on your insight


Rate the impact of key drivers and test your conviction

Interactive Presentations

Keep the model ‘Living and Breathing’ with new research in the BPN Feed

Understand your investors’ “sanity-checks” by quantifying your company deck in scenarios for cash flows and valuation at multiple future horizons.


Clients share their insightful stories — like business plans, slide decks, and investment committee memos — with BPN’s world-class analyst team. Together, we employ our software Platform to produce an Interactive Strategic Model that Quantifies those Stories in Scenarios to drive better decisions.

BPN Engagement Process

Initial Underwriting
Final Underwriting
Re Underwriting

BPN’s analysts will:

Strategic Model
Build and maintain an Interactive Strategic Model for each portfolio company
Map Evidence
Map company information, market studies, diligence notes and your insight to key drivers
Interactive Presentations
Upon request, provide value-added research, diligence, and monitoring
Update Your Team
Deliver interactive presentations for your team, approved 3rd parties and portfolio company
people Round 1
Via the BPN Feed, add new information, update your team and capture their insights over time

*Some clients rely on their own research process. Others use our BPN analysts for primary research, leveraging
our team’s experience, NLP tools, expert networks, and fundamental insight to validate key assumptions.

Portfolio companies can engage BPN to maintain an interactive strategic model after the deal is closed

Many portfolio companies could benefit significantly from ongoing BPN strategic finance services. The BPN Feed will enable management, key advisors, and the Board to engage seamlessly and stay aligned. Different groups can be permissioned for different views.

Board meetings or annual budget reviews can include re-underwriting of key assumptions and valuation drivers, increasing oversight, and enabling more decisive acceleration or course correction.

We work with company executives, boards, and 3rd party advisors to enhance their grasp of:
  • Resource Allocation
  • Capital Raising
  • Product/Market Expansion
  • Commercial Partnerships
  • Exit Analysis
Our Interactive Strategic Model and BPN Feed bring a valuation lens to every CEO decision, boardroom conversation or partnership discussion.

The Team

BPN co-founders Mike Ryan and Peter Moore have collaborated over three decades, working together both at Goldman Sachs and Harvard’s endowment.

Co-Founder Mike Ryan taught co-founder Peter Moore scenario analysis in the preferred Goldman Sachs style. Moore received a Stanford MBA and Ryan became a partner at Goldman Sachs.
Ryan was Co-Head of Global Equity Products at Goldman Sachs. During this same time frame, Moore won multiple National Science Foundation research grants to build a graph database platform to Quantify Stories in Scenarios.
Ryan and Moore licensed BPN’s patented graph database platform to the Harvard Endowment, where Ryan managed $18 billion and was a member of Harvard’s Investment Committee.
Now, they make BPN’s team of fundamental research analysts and patented software available to leverage your domain expertise and research in the BPN Platform.


The BPN Platform’s patented software architecture makes it practical to Quantify Stories in Scenarios by integrating
1 Research Management and 2 Scenario Modeling.

Explore our patented software architecture, perfected with National Science Foundation grants, 65,000 hours of development, and 10 years of continuous use by our founders.


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