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Let's Quantify Your Stories in Scenarios

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BPN in 2 Minutes

The Bullet Point Network Solution

Founded by Mike Ryan, former Co-Head of Global Equities at Goldman Sachs and Investment Committee member at the Harvard Endowment, BPN enables our clients to Quantify their Stories in Scenarios. As illustrated in the video, this helps them improve their strategy and investment decisions in 5 ways:

Attach research directly to the key drivers in an Interactive Strategic Model

Model scenarios for actual cash flows & how multiple may change

Produce odds of upside & downside to returns based on your insight

Rate the impact of key drivers and test your conviction

Keep the model ‘Living & Breathing’ with new research in the BPN Feed

BPN Engagement Process

Clients share their insightful stories — like business plans, slide decks, and investment committee memos — with BPN’s world-class analyst team. Together, we employ our software Platform to produce an Interactive Strategic Model that Quantifies those Stories in Scenarios to drive better decisions.


The Team

BPN co-founders Mike Ryan and Peter Moore have collaborated over three decades, working together both at Goldman Sachs and Harvard’s endowment.

Co-Founder Mike Ryan taught co-founder Peter Moore scenario analysis in the preferred Goldman Sachs style. Moore received a Stanford MBA and Ryan became a partner at Goldman Sachs.
Ryan was Co-Head of Global Equity Products at Goldman Sachs. During this same time frame, Moore won multiple National Science Foundation research grants to build a graph database platform to Quantify Stories in Scenarios.
Ryan and Moore licensed BPN’s patented graph database platform to the Harvard Endowment, where Ryan managed $18 billion and was a member of Harvard’s Investment Committee.
Now, they make BPN’s team of fundamental research analysts and patented software available to leverage your domain expertise and research in the BPN Platform.


The BPN Platform’s patented software architecture makes it practical to Quantify Stories in Scenarios by integrating
1 Research Management and 2 Scenario Modeling.

Explore our patented software architecture, perfected with National Science Foundation grants, 65,000 hours of development, and 10 years of continuous use by our founders.

BPN Feed

Clients collaborate with their private communities and our team to improve their Interactive Strategic Models via the BPN Feed. Click the links below to see how it works and login to view your own private models and related evidence.

Within the Feed, you can explore how changes to odds for one Issue may change the odds for a related Issue. For example, below you can drag the blue bars in one of the two charts to assert your view on its odds and then observe how the odds in the other chart move. You can click “Post Your Own Views” to share this view on the Feed.

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